Turn Your Garden into a Magical Fairy Grotto

If you're feeling a bit uninspired by the usual garden design ideas, why not try something a bit more magical? Turning your garden into a fairy grotto is a really fun project, sure to be a talking point with guests. If you have kids, then they will love getting involved, and any visiting children will be delighted by exploring. Follow the suggestions below to create your very own magical sanctuary.

Wooden garden furniture

It's well known that fairies like to live in woodland areas, so choosing traditional wooden furniture will help to create the right feel. Metal or plastic furniture should be avoided where possible. If you'd like your fairy garden to survive the elements for many years to come, then teak is a great option. More durable than other woods, teak is perfect for dining sets that you plan to use often. Teak benches are often used commercially because of how strong they are, so you can be sure that one will last well in your garden. For more information, contact a business such as The Teak Place. Benches are great in shaded areas with lots of hanging plants. Attach plaques with fairy facts to your garden furniture, or get custom engravings of stars, mushrooms, or wings.

Fairy doors and ornaments

Fairies need somewhere to live too! Make or purchase tiny wooden doors and affix to trees. Position some in plain sight, and make others more hidden, ready to be discovered by adventurous guests. If you don't have any trees, don't worry. Fairy doors can also be attached to walls, the sides of sheds, or fences. Use your imagination, and remember that fairies can fly - the doors don't need to be at ground level! Painting and decorating the doors yourself adds a nice personal touch, and you could pick colours that match nearby plants and flowers.

There are many fairy ornaments available. Including lots will make your fairy garden feel full of life, while sticking to one or two keeps things mysterious. Lots of common garden ornaments can be turned into fairy accessories. Decorative model mushrooms can be arranged like a table and chairs, and miniature bicycles or cars could be fairy transport. Tiny models of woodland animals will make great friends for your fairies.

Twinkly lighting

The right lighting can make any garden feel truly magical. Fairy lights are the obvious option here, and solar-powered outdoor varieties can be purchased in all white or rainbow colours. You could hang lights in areas where they'll shine a spotlight on fairy doors, carvings or ornaments. For a more rustic style, put tea lights inside mason jars and arrange around the garden. Attaching leaves and twigs to the jars using glue or twine will help them to blend in. You could even string up the mason jars using strong metal hooks and wire.