How to Update Your Bathroom With Little Expense

If you want a new look to your bathroom or shower room but want to achieve it on a budget, then you need to think about every dollar you spend. In order to get the best bang for your buck, look for ways to make a big visual change that don't require ripping things out and starting again. Stick with what you have and with what currently works. Don't replace your three-piece bathroom suite, for example, if it is still serviceable, but look for creative solutions that will make your room look like it has been entirely updated. Read on to discover some of the best bathroom design ideas you can make use of without spending much.

Change Your Bath's Colour

Altering the appearance of your bathroom's porcelain makes a huge difference to the look of the entire room. Firstly, clean the bath's surfaces thoroughly and then sand the bath down to remove its shiny outer layer. Once you have removed all of the enamel, you can then use a special hardened type of paint to coat your bath anew. The same process works equally well for basins, shower trays and even toilets – perfect if you want a coordinated look.

Update Your Shower Enclosure

Simply replacing an old, tired shower curtain can be one of the most cost-effective things you can do to update your bathroom. Even better, a new shower screen need not be expensive, and one that is made from polycarbonate will last a lifetime with very little maintenance required other than wiping it down from time to time. Among the best types of shower screens to opt for are frameless ones, because these are particularly good in smaller rooms. This is because they create a minimum of visual fuss, as they allow you to see right through them even when they're in place. Work with a company like A.T. Glass & Aluminium to find the right shower screen for your needs.

Clean Up Your Grouting

Retiling an entire bathroom or an en-suite is time-consuming, and you will inevitably spend more money on new tiles than you had planned to, as some break as you proceed with the job. Instead of going to the time and expense of removing your old tiles to add new ones, consider regrouting what you currently have. A new layer of perfectly white grout on existing tiles makes them look as good as new. You can chip away tired grout fairly easily and just fill in the gaps left behind. For the rest, a specialist grout cleaning product is often enough to remove ground-in dirt and signs of mildew.