Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Velvet Curtains Pristine

If you want to make a true statement of opulence in your home, velvet curtains are a must purchase. A room has to be fairly big to carry off this statement furnishing, but when integrated into the right space, it can really elevate the environment. But luxury comes at a price, and not just a monetary one. In order to keep your velvet curtains looking pristine, you will have to know exactly how to take care of them so that their fine quality can be preserved for as long as possible. Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you to enjoy your beautiful curtains for the longest time possible.

Make friends with your dry cleaner. For the most part, a deep clean of velvet curtains should not be attempted inside the home. There is nearly always a "dry clean only" tag attached to velvet materials, and in order to maintain the quality of your curtains, it's best to let a professional clean them.

You should only need to take them to your local drycleaner once every 12 months to maintain their quality. If you happen to have washable velvet curtains, only use cool water and a mild detergent.

Remove dust. Dust will gather on your velvet curtains, which is not good news in terms of aesthetics, nor for people with allergies. To remove this dust you can use a vacuum cleaner or a gentle brush. In most cases, a powerful vacuum with an intense suction is preferable but for velvet curtains this is not the case as the fabric needs to be treated more gently than most.

If you opt for a brush instead of a vacuum, ensure that the bristles are soft so they don't do any damage to the velvet. And when brushing or vacuuming velvet curtains, always work in the direction of the pile so that you do not distort the velvet's texture.

Sensible storage. If you need to take your curtains down and store them for a period of time, refrain from folding them. Instead, roll them up as this will prevent creasing. You should also roll up your curtains so that the pile is on the inside to protect the most seen part of the fabric from exposure to the elements.

Now that you know exactly how to care for your velvet curtains, it is guaranteed that your beautiful curtains can last for years to come. For more information on making the purchase, talk to companies like Aussie Curtain Call.