What You Can Do To Make Your Dining Suite More Formal

It is possible to keep changing the overall impression that your dining suite, like those designed by Baker & Shuhandler, has on the people who visit you. This article discusses what you can do to give your dining suite a more formal air that will impress all who visit.

Get Heavier Drapes

Start by changing the drapes in your dining suite to those that are heavier and come in neutral colors. For instance, you can buy drapes that are made from striped silk or those that are pleated. This will work very well if you have drape rods that are made from wrought iron. Heavier drapes create an air of formality so with this one change you will be firmly on your way to achieving the look you want.

Change the Lighting

Crystal chandeliers placed over the dining table can be a very good way to turn your dining suite into a very formal place. If you have linen shades added to multi-arm light pedants, you will achieve the same effect if you are not inclined towards chandeliers.

Carefully Select Formal Artwork

Another way to step up the formal air in your dining suite is to use carefully selected artwork to adorn the walls in that space. An example of artwork that can achieve this effect is several black and white photos displayed within the dining suite. Framed photos work much better in bringing an air of formality so go with this kind of photo. Antique vases or decorative bowls made from glass can also add to the feeling of formality in the dining suite.

Change the Floor Covering

What covers the dining suit floor, or sections of it, plays a major role in setting the tone of that area. Persian rugs are very good at turning any dining suite into a formal one. Pick one you like and place it beneath the dining table and chairs so that it extends a foot or so beyond the area covered by the chairs. The air of formality in your dining suite will have immediately gone up a notch.

As you carry out these modifications, remember to have all additions fit into the overall design of the major pieces of furniture you have, such as the dining table. Colors should match so that nothing appears out of place. The beauty of carrying out these changes is that they can be achieved on a budget, and you can develop several styles (such as formal, traditional or modern) that you keep rotating in the course of the year.