The 3 Best Pool Exercises for Rock Hard Abs

One of the very best things about having your own pool in your back garden, is that it can be the perfect spot for a regular exercise routine. Instead of trying to find the motivation to cycle to the gym, or to run around the block, the shimmering sun on the surface of your pool will entice you into the water for a workout.

You can focus on every single part of your body in your pool with various exercises, and pools are particularly great for targeting your abs. If you want to tighten up your stomach area, make sure you try your hand at these effective exercises:

Water walking. The resistance that a pool full of water provides can make something as simple as walking a great workout for your abdominal muscles. Try to make sure that you are in swimming pool in which the water level comes up to about your neck level. As you walk around, bring your legs up to your abs. This exercise is not so effective for abs outside of water, but with the added resistance in the pool, you will definitely notice the strain on those stomach muscles.

Otter roll. This pool exercise is supremely strange looking, but it's also extremely effective for tightening your abdominals, and it can only be performed in water. You will need to get yourself a regular blow-up beach ball for this one. Standing straight up in the water, hold the ball directly in front of you. Now try to roll yourself over the ball (kind of looking like an otter, hence the name) again and again. Essentially, it's the core strength in your abdominals that will keep you rolling over the ball, and that's what makes this exercise so very effective.

Pool leg lifts. For this one, you will need to head to the deep end of your pool. With your back against the pool wall and your forearms and elbows resting on the pool deck to support yourself, bring your legs straight up to the surface of the water so that it looks like you are sitting on the surface of the pool. Once your legs are there, keep them in that position for 10 seconds before lowering them - and then, repeat the exercise.

Perform these exercises every few days and you will soon notice that your stomach feels tighter and harder, strengthening your core and giving you improved body confidence.