The benefits of painting your floorboards white

One of the great benefits of having wooden floorboards is that you can paint your floorboards at any time in order to create a completely different atmosphere in your home. You could opt for something neutral coloured and textured, or alternatively something neon with a high gloss – both would create completely different effects. Painting wooden floorboards in a brilliant white colour is something that many people avoid because they are scared of a white floor surface attracting dirt. And while you might have to mop your white wooden floors a little more often than floors of another colour, there are also many great advantages to painting your floorboards white.

It's a blank canvas. With such a clean expanse of white space on your floor, your floorboards can act as a blank canvas for more daring interiors choices. For example, if you choose to paint your floorboards white in your dining room, it can be very effective if you add a pop of colour with bright yellow or red dining room chairs. Something neutral such as a textured beige would work better with other neutral items, but with a bright white floor, you can make much grander statements with your furniture choices.

Create a sense of space. Some colours add a sense of space to a room, while others can make a room feel like it is closing on you. Generally, a good rule of thumb to stick by is that lighter colour will make a room feel more expansive while darker colours will make a room feel smaller. If you only have small spaces to work with, painting your floorboards white can be a great tool for making a room feel lighter, brighter, and bigger. With the amount of additional light that white floors reflect into a room, you might also find that you have less need for artificial lighting.

Create a cool environment. White is a colour that reflects solar heat instead of absorbing it. This means that your floorboards are likely to keep your room cool. If you live in a hot area of the country, this can be a great benefit as your room will stay naturally cool and you won't need to spend so much money on air conditioning.

If you want to make a bold statement with your interiors and create a great feeling of light space, wooden floorboards painted in brilliant white could be a fantastic interiors solution for you. For more information and ideas, visit a flooring specialist's website like