A Simple Guide To Planning Your Home Renovation

Once you make the decision to change to your home, you need to have a renovation plan. No two home renovations are the same because individual tastes and ideas vary greatly. You need to take your time and organise your ideas, finances and deadlines so that everything can fall perfectly into place. When creating your renovation plan, think about the following.

Why do you want to renovate?

Renovation involves tweaking a few features of the house to give it a new look. So what do you love about your house and what do you want to get rid of? List all the good and bad features and discuss them with a professional builder. They can help you determine whether the renovations you are interested in are possible or if they will cause major structural issues.

Come up with your wish list

You can get renovation ideas from online sources, magazines and catalogues. Come up with a wish list of all the style, structural and functional changes you want in your home. At this point, you should have things like colours and particular designs in mind. Involve an interior designer who can help you pull the pieces together in a design concept. You can create an estimated budget with the help of the designer, too.

Hire the right professionals

Start getting in touch with architects and builders for the project. They are very useful in making sure your renovation meets all the building laws and requirements as well as the valuable changes you want in your home. They will also inform you of all the permits and licences you need to obtain for the renovation projects. Get in touch with the local building authorities and apply for the permits.

Decide where to stay during the renovation

Depending on the advice you get from the architect, you can decide whether you need to find temporary accommodation elsewhere during the renovation. You also need to make arrangement for moving valuables to a safe storage if you are not going to live-in during the project. If you are supposed to live in, you may still need to move items such as furniture into the garage or storage units to create a free working space for the builders.

Organise your finances

Once you have gone through the stages above, you should start organising on how to pay for it all. It is advisable to have some extra cash besides what is estimated in the budged because anything can happen during the renovation. If the renovation is quite costly, you can approach the service provided for custom payment plans such as down payments and installments.

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