Unique Design Ideas For Home Staircases

You may not give much thought to the staircase in your home, but it can actually be more of a focal point than you realize. This is especially true if the stairs are in the home's foyer, so that they're one of the first things you see when you step inside the house. Because of this, you want to put some thought into the design of the stairs when you're ready to remodel or are having a home built. Note a few unique ideas that you might consider for your home's staircase.

1. Glass railing

If you love a modern look to a home or want to keep your staircase as open as possible, glass railings are a great idea. This is a section of glass that goes up and down the stairs. It might have a metal rail on the top, or it may not have a rail at all, depending on your taste. The glass can reflect light to make smaller areas seem brighter and larger, and it's a perfect choice for when you want a clean and simple look to your staircase.

2. Floating steps

Most staircases are built with risers that fit behind each step, so that the staircase looks like one solid piece. However, floating steps can be a great way to add a modern touch to your home and to keep it open and airy. These are plain boards that act as stairs with nothing behind them. These too are good for small spaces as they keep the space open, and also offer a clean and simple look.

3. Metal railings

If you want a touch of colour and something fun and unique in your home, choose a metal railing such as you might see in an industrial building. You might also have it painted a fun and bold colour for visual interest. A bright red metal railing or something in a turquoise can give your home a very mid-century modern look, and this type of railing can break up the look of wood floors and stairs.

4. Storage

When having a new staircase built, take the opportunity to add storage. You can do this by adding sliding shelves in the wall of an open staircase, or having some stairs built to be actual drawers. If the wall of the staircase faces the kitchen, this can work as a pantry, or you can use the shelves and drawers to hide shoes, out-of-season clothes, backpacks, and the like.

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