How to Fix a Wonky Deck

Decks can be a fantastic way to the make the most of your backyard living space. However if your deck has shifted, and your tables, chairs and barbeque no longer sit flat and wobble constantly then you won't find backyard entertaining anywhere near as relaxing as it could be. Here are some ways to get your deck back to square, depending on the underlying issue causing the deck to falter.

Check for loose joints

Check if the deck joints are still at 90 degrees. If your joints have loosened and spread over time then the desk will not sit flat. Measure the joints and reinforce the joist with a 90-degree brace in order to keep the deck flat and level.

Fix inadequate foundations

If your foundations have not been laid correctly then they can start to rot, sink or crumble over time. Reinforcing the foundations can be a large job, but you can try digging to the foundations and seeing whether then still seems firm or is starting to move.

You can try and mix up concrete to pour around the top of any existing foundations but if you need to chock up the foundation it's time to call in a deck builder like Lifestyle Patios who can help with lifting the deck to create a more level surface using specialist equipment.

At the same time it's worth inspecting all of the posts for termite damage. Termite posting can be placed around the base of the post at insertion, or around the ground level after insertion. Termite damage can cause sagging as the post starts to degrade.

Replace missing spacers or washers

Over time and weather, spacers and washers can be knocked out, rust out or swell and pop out of place leading to misalignment. Try inspecting the underside of the deck to see if there is any missing or rusted out spacers or washers. These can easily be replaced and purchase at any local hardware store. Try replacing metal washers with galvanised washers or plastics washers to prevent weather related wear, and any nails with screws, which tend to be more secured over time.

If the space under the deck is extremely limited it might be worth getting in a professional handyman or deck builder to review the connections.

Regular maintenance on your deck can help catch small problems early, leading to quick, simpler and cheaper repair jobs. If none of these issues seem to be causing the deck sagging you should call in a deck builder for professional advice.