3 Ways to Increase the Amount of Water from Your Solar Water Tank

Solar water heaters provide the best cost-savings in the long term because they depend heavily on sunlight. However, that dependence also makes them a little slower on hot water delivery compared to other water heaters. If you would like to enjoy more hot water from your solar water heater, there are several adjustments you can make. Read all about them below.

Get an extra solar panel

Every solar water heater system comes with a solar panel. The solar panel contains heat pipes that collect the sun's energy and heat your existing water. By adding another solar panel, your system will be able to heat more water thereby meeting your hot water needs. Even where you don't have high hot water needs, an extra solar panel will enable you to heat your water faster. With more solar power being collected, you'll tap more into solar energy and use less heating from electricity/gas.

If your home doesn't have a flat roof such that the sun only shines to one side at a time, you can install your extra solar panel on the opposite side of the roof. This will ensure your water gets heated at all times to the day.

Swap your boiler for a larger size

The other adjustment you can make is to get another heater tank. You can either replace your current tank for a larger one or install it as a second tank. Either way, getting another tank heater will allow your system to heat more water at any given time. This is ideal for households with large water needs. With the ability to heat more water, you'll always get adequate hot water whenever you need it.

Add another insulated water tank

With every solar water heater, there's an insulated tank to ensure you get hot water even when the sun is not available. If you find that you are not getting enough hot water on-demand, you can add another storage tank. This can be especially handy where everyone goes to the bathroom at the same time. It can also be invaluable in winter where the sun may not always be available to heat your water. Ultimately, your heater system will store more ready-to-use hot water. Your system will also reduce reliance on electricity or gas even in colder months.

Talk to a heating contractor or plumber such as Solar Repairs and find out how and which products will go well with your existing solar water heater.