Lawn Mowers | 4 Awesome Ways To Make Your Lawn Mowing Experience More Fun

You're entrusted with the mundane task of mowing the lawn this weekend, when you would rather be out drinking beer with your buddies. Don't stress! You're not alone. The idea of using lawn mowers on a sunny Saturday afternoon is enough to drive any homeowner crazy, but alas the task must be completed. This guide is designed to help you transform your mowing experience into a fun afternoon — you'll never look at lawn mowing the same way again.

Make it Part of your Exercise Schedule

It doesn't hurt to skip a day at the gym every once in awhile, especially if you're still getting a good cardio workout. Instead of working on those muscles at the gym, why not put them to good use by working your lawn mower around your backyard for a beautifully manicured garden? Add some workout music and heave through it to raise a good sweat — the hallmark of a good workout. And the best part, it's a free workout! That ought to take the tediousness out of the job

Make it a Kids Afternoon Out

Kids love to spend time with their parents, but more often than not, busy schedules get in the way of parents and kids spending quality time together. Use the afternoon as an opportunity to spend some much needed time with your kids and teach them a few tricks your father taught you. Show them how to use a lawn mower across the grass. For example, show your kids how you follow one grass cutting direction one week and another grass cutting direction in the next week. This prevents the grass blades from bending away from the lawn mower and growing in one direction.

Entice your Friends with Rewards

Mowing the lawn is a horrendous task for homeowners to conduct on their own, so a little bribe won't hurt your chances of making the lawn mowing experience more fun. Entice a few of your close friends with the promise of a beer and barbeque — after the lawn mowers have been put to good use, of course! Very few friends will say no to free beer and burgers.

Be Creative while Mowing

You're a budding artist in the making? Who knew! Put your artistic expertise to good use as you apply fun and creative patterns on the lawn during the mowing process. By creating artistic patterns for your lawn, you could actually make it a fun experience for yourself. Of course, when you're done with the patterns, you'll want to finish off with a thorough lawn mow — but at least you had fun for a while, right?

Having a lawn mower that works well can also make the mowing experience more tolerable. Get in touch with a business like Cox Mowers to learn more about different lawn mower types and which kind will make your landscaping an easier task. 

And if you're really not into it, pick up the phone and hire professional lawn mowers to do your work for you, while you enjoy a beer-filled afternoon with your mates.