How to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning Running Smoothly

No one wants to think of their central air conditioning unit breaking down during the hottest day of the year, but they always seem to have problems right when you need them most! In some cases you simply need to have parts repaired as they get older, but many homeowners can also keep their air conditioner running smoothly with a few simple tips and tricks to use before the summer season begins. Note the following.

1. Check the housing and wiring 

Before you start using your central air conditioning unit for the season, check the housing outside and remove the top cover, and note if there is bare or exposed wiring, frayed wiring, rust around the condenser unit, leaves and debris, tall grass or dirt that has built up outside the condenser coils. These are the most common reasons for a central unit to begin to struggle to work during the summer season. 

Leaves, debris and tall grass will block the airflow around the unit and cause it to overheat and malfunction. Rust means the unit may have a water leak and this can damage the motor or blower. Exposed or frayed wiring will not allow enough power to be delivered to the unit. Have these simple but common problems addressed before you use the unit and it should run smoothly during the summertime.

2. Have the vents and carpets cleaned during springtime

Dirty and dusty vents make it more difficult for an air conditioner to push cooled air through to every room in your home. Dust and other debris in your carpets may also hold heat. Having your vents cleaned can mean allowing your central unit to run more easily through the summer months, and when you have your carpets cleaned, you're removing dust and other debris that have built up during wintertime. Remember that during wintertime, you've had your house closed up tight, so dust may collect with this lack of ventilation. You may be surprised at how much cooler your home feels when it's thoroughly cleaned, and your air conditioner will in turn suffer less wear and tear and run smoothly.

3. Clean the compressor, fan and other parts

Typically you can remove the outside cover of the central air conditioning unit as well as the fan blades and clean the compressor, fan and other parts. Built-up dirt and other debris that have settled onto the unit and that have gotten inside can cause the motor to need to work harder to power the fan; the fan too may be weighed down by dirt and dust. Cleaning and then drying all the parts can also allow you to check for worn parts and have those replaced, and this will allow your central air unit to run smoothly throughout the summer season.

Consult with an HVAC contractor from a business like Multicool Pty Ltd if you have specific questions about upgrading an air conditioning system if the solutions above don't help.