DIY Patio Privacy | 3 Inspired Ideas to Add Privacy to Backyard Patios

Patios by companies like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd have become more important to Australian households with the idea of outdoor living becoming more and more appealing. But patios don't always provide the amount of privacy you desire –– especially when you want to lounge around without having to worry about prying eyes and nosy neighbours. To make your patios more private, you don't have to build walls or close them up completely –– easy-to-handle materials can create subtle privacy shelters. And privacy certainly doesn't have to cost you a fortune when you consider these inspired DIY ideas.

Bamboo Privacy Screens

Bamboo privacy screens are excellent privacy enablers for homeowners on a tight budget –– especially if your patio already resembles a rustic wooden theme. Simple to create, you will need rolled bamboo fencing, thin wooden frames cut to your desired size, strong cup hooks for hanging and small nails. Prepare your wooden frame by placing the wood panels together and cut the bamboo fencing to match the size of the wooden frame. Nail the bamboo fencing into the back of the wooden frame and make sure that the fencing covers the open area inside the frame suitably. Place the cup hooks on the top of the frame and hang it from the patio ceiling. Make as many bamboo screens as necessary for your desired privacy. Bamboo fencing and wood panels can easily be purchased from a home improvement store or online. 

Outdoors Curtains

Outdoor curtains inspire a cabana-like feel for patios, and they are easy to plan on your own. Outdoor curtains can brighten up your favourite outdoor space by adding colour, texture and style to your patio. Buying outdoor curtains is relatively easy –– you can choose to match the rest of your patio furniture, or you can choose an entirely new colour or pattern to create a focal point. You will simply need to purchase the material, cut it to the size of your patio, buy curtain rods and install them along the areas you want private. This clever choice provides instant privacy and can easily be done on your own. Choose weather-resistant fabrics like polyester, PVC or canvas for withstanding all types of external conditions –– these materials can be found at a fabric store. 

Fabric Patio Folding Screens

Have an old privacy screen lying around in your garage? It's time to liven it up and put it to good use. Add some colourful fabric patterns along the folding screen frame and you're ready to give your patio privacy with it. Simply cut the fabric in the shape of the folding screen and attach it to the screen with small nails. Folding screens can be placed anywhere on the patio, giving you the added advantage of flexibility. Purchase any type of fabric you desire from a fabric store for this DIY task. 

Add privacy to backyard patios with these simple DIY creations.