Four Ways to Add Mediterranean Flavour to Your Home: Tips for People Who Love Mediterranean Tile Floors

Have you always loved the classic tile floors popular in homes along the Mediterranean? If so, you can easily bring that sense of style to your own home. You simply need to install expensive porcelain tiles in Mediterranean colours and patterns throughout your home.

However, if that option is out of your budget, there are other things you can explore:

1. Large tiles with mosaic patterns

Mosaics are an iconic part of Mediterranean decorating, and they have been for thousands of years. To lay a mosaic on your floor, traditionally, you needed lots of little tiles and lots of time. Now, however, you can take a faster, less expensive shortcut.

You can buy large tiles online that have mosaic patterns printed on them. These tiles can be made of almost any material, and you can even get peel-and-stick tiles with mosaic patterns on them.

2. Simple borders

If you want a mosaic or if you want to play with other intricate patterns, large tiles with printed designs are not the only option. If you prefer, you can save the detail work for the borders of your room.

Instead of adding a mosaic to a foyer floor, for example, add solid-coloured tiles to the centre of the floor and save the detailed mosaic work for the border. Similarly, if you love Greek key patterns, you can save money and effort by installing tiles in that design along the perimeter while putting large, single-coloured tiles in the centre of the room.

3. Tiled accents

If neither of those options works for you, remember that tile doesn't have to be restricted to your floor. You can buy tiles that have a bit of Mediterranean flavour, and you can add them to the splashback in your kitchen or around your bathroom.

If you like, you can even tile the frame of a mirror or a tabletop. Although it's not a floor, it still provides a bit of the Mediterranean style you love.

4. Mediterranean Colours

If you explore all of the above options and ultimately cannot find any Mediterranean tiles or arrangements that work for you, focus on colour. By using classic Mediterranean colours on your floors or in the rest of your decorating, you can also evoke a sense of the Mediterranean.

Traditional decor in the Med echoes the colors of the sea and sky. Be ready to play with lots of shades of blue. Alternatively, colours such as terra cotta, lavender and yellow are also popular.