The virtues of a good shade sail

In a country like Australia, where the sun shines most of the time and grows considerably hotter in the months of summer, the need for shade can never be underestimated by anyone. It is for this reason that shade sails are popular in the country. The use of shade sails to shield one from the elements brings with it a lot of advantages, many of which are examined below.

Protection against ultra violet rays

The fabric from which the shade sails are made have the ability to block about 98 percent of the ultra violet rays from the sun, according to Shade Matters. Shades with denser fabric and darker colour offer more protection. It is therefore important to set up the shade sails in schools and playgrounds to also protect the vulnerable youngsters.

Sensitive to the environment

According to Houzz, shade sails are made from a fabric of high density polypropylene mesh. This means that this industry goes to great lengths to ensure that the earth and Mother Nature are preserved for future generations. The use of the recyclable material ensures that the environment is not damaged by scouring it for new raw materials to make the shades.

Enhances the looks of the premises

When one gets the right shape of shade sail that suits the house, it accentuates its aesthetic appeal by setting off the architectural strong points of the house. The geometric look of the triangular sails, for example, comes off really elegant against contemporary architecture. The various colours that the shades can be ordered in are also ideal for adding a splotch of colour to your yard. A colour like blue will add a tropical feel to your home.

Low cost

Compared to permanent gazebos or covered patios, the shade sails are considerably cheaper. Whereas the gazebo would require construction expenses met as well as labour costs, the shade sail is very easy to set up by the owner – the only cost being acquiring the sail.


Whereas one would have to carefully consider where to build a gazebo, the shade sail can be set up anywhere. It is very easy to remove and set up again where the shade is needed. In bad weather like wind storms, it can be removed and kept indoors to prevent damage. Once the weather has moved on, the shade sail is taken out and set up again. 

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