3 Bathroom Accessories You Should Have

Many people only focus on the major bathroom features such as the vanity and neglect other items that make the bathroom fully functional and attractive. This article discusses three of those other crucial bathroom accessories that you may need when you remodel your bathroom.

Robe Hooks

These help you to keep your bathrobe off the floor while you take a shower. They can also hold your towels. You will find it easier to hang your towels on these robe hooks if you install fabric loops on the towels. Strike a balance between catering to the accessibility needs of the shortest person in your home and the need to keep the robes or towels off the floor as you install those hooks. In this way, it will not be too difficult for that relatively short individual to reach the top of the hook. 

Towel Bars

These are very popular because they enable the towels to dry after they have been used. Keep two important things in mind as you shop or install these bathroom accessories.  First, pick towel bars that double as support bars. Such bars will be very helpful in case you host a disabled or elderly person. That individual will use them to stay stable when moving within your bathroom. The second thing you should remember is to install those towel bars into wall studs. This will give them a strong anchor point and they will be less prone to getting loose over time.

Toilet Paper Holders

Most bathrooms have wall-mounted holders; why not be different and select standalone toilet paper holders? These can be moved from one part of the bathroom to another. The added advantage of these standalone toilet paper holders is that they contain storage space for extra toilet rolls. Those additional rolls are kept in a small tube so you should not have any worry that they will be ruined by moisture from the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, go for the wall-mounted ones since they will not take up any additional space. Remember to install them where they can easily be reached without being in the way of foot traffic within the bathroom.

Ensure that all your bathroom accessories fit within the overall theme of that part of your home. Contact a bathroom-remodeling expert or an interior designer for advice in case you run into any challenges as you shop for the different accessories that you need in your bathroom.