Home Renovation Tips: Top 3 Common Mistakes When Doing Bathroom Makeovers

The bathroom has evolved over the years, and it's not a room where you only go and clean up anymore. With most homeowners, the expectations of a bathroom have skyrocketed, and it's also becoming an area where you can relax and unwind after a long hectic day. That's why more people are turning to renovating it. However, bathroom renovations are not that simple. Though thrilling, they can become just as challenging and that's what paves the way for mistakes. Some of these errors may be really costly so you'll be better off learning from other people's mistakes. If you're planning on doing a bathroom renovation, then here are some of the top mistakes to avoid. 

Poor Waterproofing

Since the bathroom is going to be an area where water is constantly used, poor waterproofing would bring forth detrimental consequences. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes when renovating the bathroom. Most homeowners don't give enough attention waterproofing their bathrooms.

When doing your waterproofing, call a qualified expert. They are better suited for the job. Doing it yourself leaves the waterproofing membrane susceptible to damage because even a tiny cut renders it useless. Water would be able to seep through the membrane and get to the lower floors, causing vast damage. Such leaks are also really hard to notice.

Ignoring Ventilation

Ventilation to a bathroom is like a cold glass of water in a desert. It is more than a necessity. You wouldn't want to head to the shower one morning and find black slimy mould glaring at you. Having windows is not enough, you could invest in an exhaust fan to lower the moisture levels. If you've got a fan already, ensure you clean it up thoroughly. Vacuum the vent frequently to ensure that it's always clean.

Poor ventilation would also lead to deterioration of the paint on the walls. You could additionally use a mould resistant oil to paint the walls.

Poor Lighting     

The lighting in your bathroom also needs to be in order. A number of activities happen in the bathroom that can't be done comfortably in general ambient lighting. Shaving, applying makeup and even waxing need adequate light to be done perfectly.

One way to boost the lighting for these activities is by using a mirror. Install a large mirror and then use a light fixture above it such that it directs the lighting directly to someone's face. Oh, and since your bathroom is always wet, then use wet-rated shower lighting.