Removing Waxy Stains from Carpets

Wax can be one of the hardest products to remove from carpets, as 'scrubbing' the stain can often just move the stain around and extend its margin. These are also common stains, as they can come from household objects such as candles, lipsticks, and crayons. Here are some tips to help you remove a waxy stain from your carpet. 


If the stain is still relatively new, you can freeze it and cut the wax away. The easiest way to do this is to lay a bag filled with ice on top of the stain, or use another frozen object such as a bag of frozen peas. Once the wax is hardened, you can carefully shave it away using a razor or sharp knife, taking care not to cut the carpet underneath. This will often leave some residue, but it can make it easier to use heat transfer or rubbing alcohol on the remainder if the initial waxy stain was particularly large. 

Heat transfer

If the stain is more saturated into the carpet, you can try placing brown paper (such as shopping bag) or a light clean cloth on top of the stain and iron the stain with a clothes iron on a low setting (so as to not also burn the carpet). This technique transfers the wax from the carpet to the greaseproof paper or the cloth. As the wax starts to transfer, you may need to replace the paper bag or cloth to allow more wax to be absorbed. 

This method can be particularly good for removing softer waxes, such as lipsticks, or residue left after trying to freeze and cut away the wax. 

Rubbing alcohol

If you have a small wax stain, you can try dabbing at it with a clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. It's important to take your time as you do this, as vigorous scrubbing can spread the loosened wax through the carpet. Also, be careful to test this method in a less-noticeable section of the carpet first in case the carpet dye is also removed by the rubbing alcohol.

Professional carpet cleaning

If none of these techniques work as well as you'd like, it might be time to call in the professional carpet cleaners. They can remove stains and give the entire carpet a clean, and they will be able to ensure that there is no further damage done to the carpets. Contact a service like Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning to get started.