Why an In-Floor Heating System is Better Than a Radiator Heating System

Consider the following advantages of an in-floor heating system over a radiator heating system if you are wondering which of those two heating methods is suitable for the home that you wish to construct.

What They Are

In-floor heating systems refer to methods of heating a home that use a heat source underneath the floor of a home. Heat travels from the floor and into the air in each room. Radiator heating systems work by using electricity or gas to heat an element. That heated element radiates its heat to the surrounding air with the help of fans.

Impact on Decoration

Radiator systems need space around them so that fans can circulate the heated air to the rest of the room. Consequently, you will have less floor space to place your furniture and other fittings if you choose a radiator system to heat your home. In floor heating systems allow you to use all the space available in each room as you wish. The heat comes from the floor so there is no need to reserve any of the floor space for the benefit of the heating system.

Impact on Heat Distribution

Radiator heating systems initially heat the area around the heat source. Over time, that heat spreads out to the rest of the room. It is therefore possible to have hot zones and cold zones if you use a radiator system in your home. This is because the areas closest to the radiator are likely to be much warmer or hotter than areas that are furthest from the radiator. In-floor heating systems provide a more uniform distribution of heat in a room. This is because the entire floor is heated at the same time. Consequently, the heat will travel upwards at the same rate throughout the entire room.

Impact on Energy Consumption

Radiator systems may consume more energy when compared to in-floor heating systems. This is because users of radiator systems may feel compelled to turn up the heat in order to get rid of cold spots within a room. The unwanted result of this action is that the air closest to the radiator may become so hot that room occupants in that part of the room may open a window to let fresh air in. This allows some of the heat to escape out of the room. Such a waste of the energy used to heat the air that is being allowed to escape is not possible when you have an in floor heating system. This is because, as already noted, there are no cold spots where in floor heating is used.

As you can see, you can enjoy all the comfort and cost savings above if you install an in-floor heating system instead of a radiator system in your new home.