How To Service Your Kitchen Hot Water Heater

Kitchen remodeling can be an expensive project, so you'll probably be looking to save money wherever you can.  One job that you can do yourself is to give your hot water heater a tune-up.  Here are some guidelines on how to do it.

Check the thermostat

The first job to do is to check the heater's thermostat.  This is the device that regulates the temperature of the water that is pumped out by the heater.  You may discover that the thermostat dial has been dislodged so that the temperature is too low.  If this is the case, simply reset the dial to a higher temperature.

Remove sediment

Over time, a layer of sediment can accumulate in the bottom of the hot water tank.  This can eventually begin to form a barrier between the water in the tank and the burner, causing disruption to the supply of hot water.

You can prevent this problem occurring by draining a couple of litres of water out of the tank.  To do this, open the valve that you will find at the bottom of the exterior of the tank.  The tank will then automatically refill with clean water from the mains supply.

Check the heater's burner

Have a look at the heater's burner to check that it is working correctly.  You can do this easily by looking through the glass portal at the front of the heater to see the flame.  The flame should be burning steadily with a blue colour.  If the flame is flickering or burns yellow, this could indicate that the burner orifice needs cleaning.  This is a professional job that you can't do yourself so you will need to give your local heating contractor a call.

Check for heat loss

Heat loss from your water heater tank can cost you money in wasted energy!  Place your hand on top of the tank; it should feel cool.  If the tank housing feels hot or warm, you're losing heat.  This is easily rectified by fitting the tank with an insulation jacket, which you can obtain from good DIY stores for a few dollars.

When you fit the jacket to the tank, ensure that there is good clearance at the top of the tank around the draft hood and likewise around the air combustion inlet at the base of the tank.

In conclusion

You can ensure that your newly remodelled kitchen will always have a reliable supply of hot water by carrying out the simple maintenance checks and tune-ups outlined above.  For more information and advice, have a chat with a local heating contractor or plumber.