How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

There are some simple tasks that do not necessarily require a professional to handle. The following do-it-yourself practices can save you maintenance and repair expenses while extending your air conditioner's performance life cycle. Cleaning the fins and filters Use a fin cleaning spray to thoroughly clean the fins and blast out any dirt or debris that has clogged in-between them. Look out for clogged and dirty filters that can block normal airflow. Read More 

Residential Door Security: Choosing Rekeying or Replacement

The security of any residential building depends significantly on the types of locks installed to safeguard the entryways. Most burglars and robbers will gain access into the interior space by picking the locks or using mechanical force to weaken and break the locking elements. Therefore, it is critical to select strong locks that will resist this type of infiltration. In addition, you should review and update the doorway locks to ensure that there are performing to the desired capacity. Read More 

Avoiding the Inconvenience of Being Locked Out of Your House

Imagine you've had a long day at work and the only thing you want is to get home and have a rest. You drive all the way home only to find out you do not have your only set of house keys with you. Maybe you had them misplaced somewhere in your office or you forgot them somewhere you went in the course of the day. You are worried as you might drive back to the office, spending a lot of time in traffic and end up not getting the keys. Read More 

How To Kill Moss On Your Garage or Carport Roof

A problem often faced by homeowners is the growth of moss on garage or shed roofs.  Moss is not only unsightly; it also harbours damp, which could cause long-term damage to the building's roof.  You can remove moss and prevent it from growing back by following these guidelines. How to get rid of moss Although you can buy moss-killing products from DIY and garden centres, it's actually cheaper and more effective to use the following tactics. Read More 

Ways to discover if you need to have your house restumped

House restumping, or reblocking, is the procedure of replacing the stumps underneath your house when they have become destabilised and affected the level of your house. This procedure is usually carried out on older houses that still have a stump foundation, as newer houses usually undergo the procedure of underpinning instead. If your house needs to be restumped, but it's being neglected, it could ultimately lead to the foundation collapsing entirely. Read More