Turn Your Garden into a Magical Fairy Grotto

If you're feeling a bit uninspired by the usual garden design ideas, why not try something a bit more magical? Turning your garden into a fairy grotto is a really fun project, sure to be a talking point with guests. If you have kids, then they will love getting involved, and any visiting children will be delighted by exploring. Follow the suggestions below to create your very own magical sanctuary. Read More 

3 Benefits of Choosing Water Based Air Cleaners Over Traditional Models

When you begin looking for solutions for your child's allergies, one of the things you may consider is an air cleaner. You'll find several options available, but one that may stick in your mind is a water based air cleaner. If you have never used one of these before, there are a few things you need to know before you purchase one. Here are just a few of those key points and what you should consider about each: Read More 

Removing Common Stains From Your Carpet

Carpet stains don't give guests the best impression and can make the d├ęcor in a room seem more dated than it actually is, but spillages are inevitable. Here are a few tips for removing common carpet stains: Coffee How many times have you spilled some coffee first thing in the morning when you're still trying to wake up or when you're running around after the kids? Dark coffee stains can leave your carpet looking grimy, so here's how to get rid of them: Read More 

Considerations before picking roof trusses

The right roof truss is monumental in ensuring the structural integrity of the house is met. There are numerous different styles to pick from ranging from attic designs to flat topped ones, so you have to be informed before making your decision. Roof trusses can also be a way to express yourself and add more beauty to your home. Here are factors to watch out for to get the best roof truss for your home. Read More 

A Simple Guide To Planning Your Home Renovation

Once you make the decision to change to your home, you need to have a renovation plan. No two home renovations are the same because individual tastes and ideas vary greatly. You need to take your time and organise your ideas, finances and deadlines so that everything can fall perfectly into place. When creating your renovation plan, think about the following. Why do you want to renovate? Renovation involves tweaking a few features of the house to give it a new look. Read More