What to Look for When Shopping for a Garage Door

The importance of a garage door when building or renovating your home cannot be overlooked. It can potentially take anything up to 40% of the frontage of your home and hence has a huge impact on the appearance and appeal of the entire home. While some homeowners rush for established brands in a bid to get doors that fit their tastes and style, the best approach is to define your own set of preferences and use them as the radar to finding the door that perfectly matches and complements the ambiance of your home. Read More 

What Materials Are Plantation Shutters Made Of?

A plantation shutter is an interior style window treatment option that features larger panels than standard shutters. The larger panels allow plantation shutters to cover a larger surface area. While the general style of shutters is similar for different manufacturers, these window treatments differ in terms of the material used in their fabrication and louvre size, as well as the installation process. Discussed below are a few materials commonly used to make plantation shutters. Read More 

7 Top Tips To Stay Safe & Prevent Fires In Your Home

While you may think that a fire could never happen in your home, you may be making mistakes that could result in a fire. Fortunately, these mistakes can be avoided, so here are some helpful tips to keep yourself and your home safe from fires. 1. Unplug appliances when they are not in use. Appliances that are left plugged in are vulnerable to unexpected power surges, creating a potential fire hazard that could easily have been avoided. Read More 

Types of Dual Occupancy Design Plans

Dual occupancy entails constructing two dwellings on your existing block of land, which may also be split to produce two separate lots of land. Getting a second property basically opens up myriad options that homeowners wouldn't get by constructing a single house. You can either sell the new property to pay your mortgage or even rent it for additional income. Moreover, the building costs for dual occupancy may not be that higher than constructing one larger home. Read More 

Four Ways to Add Mediterranean Flavour to Your Home: Tips for People Who Love Mediterranean Tile Floors

Have you always loved the classic tile floors popular in homes along the Mediterranean? If so, you can easily bring that sense of style to your own home. You simply need to install expensive porcelain tiles in Mediterranean colours and patterns throughout your home. However, if that option is out of your budget, there are other things you can explore: 1. Large tiles with mosaic patterns Mosaics are an iconic part of Mediterranean decorating, and they have been for thousands of years. Read More