Interstate Removals: 3 Tips on How to Make Your Move Easy

Interstate removals are by no means a small feat. When it comes to moving from one state to the other, a lot of preparation needs to be done on your end. Read on to learn a few things you can do to make the process as smooth as possible. Avoid Packing Perishable Items Interstate removals take quite some time before your property arrives on the other end. For this reason, its importance to plan your removal in advance and avoid items going bad along the way. Read More 

Considerations before picking roof trusses

The right roof truss is monumental in ensuring the structural integrity of the house is met. There are numerous different styles to pick from ranging from attic designs to flat topped ones, so you have to be informed before making your decision. Roof trusses can also be a way to express yourself and add more beauty to your home. Here are factors to watch out for to get the best roof truss for your home. Read More 

Passive cooling tips for your home

As the temperatures skyrocket during the summer, so does the demand for home cooling—often costly to both the hip pocket and your carbon footprint. Let's look at a few ways you can increase thermal performance and create a comfortable and cost-effective passively cooled home. Glazing Large glass windows can be a major source of unwanted heat loss during the cooler months and heat gain in summer. The type of glazing that is right for your home will depend on the climate, orientation and layout of your home. Read More 

A Simple Guide To Planning Your Home Renovation

Once you make the decision to change to your home, you need to have a renovation plan. No two home renovations are the same because individual tastes and ideas vary greatly. You need to take your time and organise your ideas, finances and deadlines so that everything can fall perfectly into place. When creating your renovation plan, think about the following. Why do you want to renovate? Renovation involves tweaking a few features of the house to give it a new look. Read More 

The benefits of painting your floorboards white

One of the great benefits of having wooden floorboards is that you can paint your floorboards at any time in order to create a completely different atmosphere in your home. You could opt for something neutral coloured and textured, or alternatively something neon with a high gloss – both would create completely different effects. Painting wooden floorboards in a brilliant white colour is something that many people avoid because they are scared of a white floor surface attracting dirt. Read More