How To Kill Moss On Your Garage or Carport Roof

A problem often faced by homeowners is the growth of moss on garage or shed roofs.  Moss is not only unsightly; it also harbours damp, which could cause long-term damage to the building's roof.  You can remove moss and prevent it from growing back by following these guidelines. How to get rid of moss Although you can buy moss-killing products from DIY and garden centres, it's actually cheaper and more effective to use the following tactics. Read More 

Ways to discover if you need to have your house restumped

House restumping, or reblocking, is the procedure of replacing the stumps underneath your house when they have become destabilised and affected the level of your house. This procedure is usually carried out on older houses that still have a stump foundation, as newer houses usually undergo the procedure of underpinning instead. If your house needs to be restumped, but it's being neglected, it could ultimately lead to the foundation collapsing entirely. Read More 

Mattresses | 3 Considerations for Comparing Spring and Foam Mattresses

Every person needs at least a few hours of good sleep every night to function efficiently the next day. Mattresses are vital for ensuring you get a good night's sleep, but choosing between spring and foam mattresses for your bed can be daunting when you don't know what to look for. Luckily, this guide is designed to help you compare smartly between spring and foam mattresses for your specific sleeping needs. Read More 

3 Bathroom Accessories You Should Have

Many people only focus on the major bathroom features such as the vanity and neglect other items that make the bathroom fully functional and attractive. This article discusses three of those other crucial bathroom accessories that you may need when you remodel your bathroom. Robe Hooks These help you to keep your bathrobe off the floor while you take a shower. They can also hold your towels. You will find it easier to hang your towels on these robe hooks if you install fabric loops on the towels. Read More 

Wool Quilt | 3 Steps To Rid Your Wool Quilt Of Coffee Stains

A wool quilt is a fabulous accessory that allows you to sleep well in winter because this natural material keeps you warm and regulates your body temperature without causing you to break into a sweat. The cosiness is enough to make you want to stay in bed all day, so chances are you might like to have your cup of morning coffee while tucked under your wool quilt. But this action can inevitably lead to coffee spills and stains on your precious cover. Read More