Lawn Mowers | 4 Awesome Ways To Make Your Lawn Mowing Experience More Fun

You're entrusted with the mundane task of mowing the lawn this weekend, when you would rather be out drinking beer with your buddies. Don't stress! You're not alone. The idea of using lawn mowers on a sunny Saturday afternoon is enough to drive any homeowner crazy, but alas the task must be completed. This guide is designed to help you transform your mowing experience into a fun afternoon — you'll never look at lawn mowing the same way again. Read More 

3 Benefits of Choosing Water Based Air Cleaners Over Traditional Models

When you begin looking for solutions for your child's allergies, one of the things you may consider is an air cleaner. You'll find several options available, but one that may stick in your mind is a water based air cleaner. If you have never used one of these before, there are a few things you need to know before you purchase one. Here are just a few of those key points and what you should consider about each: Read More 

Things To Look For Before You Select A Home Builder

Choosing a new home builder can be a laborious process, but you don't want to cut the process short, or you may end up hiring a builder who isn't right for your needs. If this is your first time dealing with a home builder, here are some important things to look before you choose the person who will be in charge of constructing your dream home. Check the Liability Insurance Limits  Read More 

3 Ways to Increase the Amount of Water from Your Solar Water Tank

Solar water heaters provide the best cost-savings in the long term because they depend heavily on sunlight. However, that dependence also makes them a little slower on hot water delivery compared to other water heaters. If you would like to enjoy more hot water from your solar water heater, there are several adjustments you can make. Read all about them below. Get an extra solar panel Every solar water heater system comes with a solar panel. Read More 

Bees & Pest Control: Why & How You Should Relocate Bees

Most people get stung by bees at least once in their life—and with symptoms like sharp pain, swelling and far worse reactions if you're allergic, it would be understandable if someone wanted to avoid them. So when beehives show up in sheds or gardens, you might consider contacting pest control. However, ensure that instead of killing the bees, try to have professionals relocate them instead. Here's why. The problem The overall population of bees worldwide has dropped from 5 million in the 1940s, to 2. Read More